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Beijing PanTrust T.I.T. Co., Ltd. was established in 1997.

PanTrust is an enterprise dedicated to R & D of technologies to minimize non-productive time, material & manpower waste in the printing process. PanTrust is an auxiliary printing equipment manufacturer who has obtained ISO9001:2000 QMS (Quality Management Systems) certification and who has operations at the international market. PanTrust is a technique promoter who bears the philosophy of carrying forward tradition while adapting for the future and the objective of improving printing efficiency.

After over ten years’ professional experience in the printing industry, PanTrust has established a working team with strong technical R & D capacity.

PanTrust’s offerings have gained recognition in the domestic market for their superior quality & high C/P Ratio. Empowered by its innovative technologies, PanTrust is increasingly engaged in the foreign markets like Europe, USA etc and has won similar recognition.

PanTrust products are fully compatible with various brands of multi-color printing press (Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, KBA, Goss, Mitsubishi, Akiyama, Komori, Seiken, TKS,Beiren, Wuxi Baonan,etc.) in domestic & foreign markets and CTP equipment from brands like Kodak, Agfa, Krause etc.


Address: Rm. 603, East Building,Fangxin Garden,
         No. 6 Xibahe South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Service telephone: 86-10-83446545    010-84497161/63-811 
HTTP://www.pantrust.com.cn E-mail: Info@pantrust.com.cn
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